URRA, Art Residency.
Open Studio by Julia Mensch and Aurelio Kopainig.
Saturday 27 April 2024, 2 – 4 pm

URRA is a non-profit organization that has been promoting art residencies and cultural exchanges in Argentina since 2010. Its programs provide a platform for artistic production, information, and experience exchange between art professionals worldwide. The organization encourages diverse creative processes and hosts open events to promote participants' work.

From March to April 2024, Julia Mensch developed her research as part of the residency program. During this period, she visited different institutions in the country that contributed to her research. Among them is the Laboratory of Research in Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology at the National University of Litoral in Esperanza, Santa Fe Province. This laboratory, directed by Dr. Ignacio Dellaferrera, focuses on studying the resistance mechanisms of amaranth to the agrochemicals used in the production of genetically modified crops.

The open studio is the outcome of the residency.

Photography: URRA Art Residency
Julia Mensch, Team Plants_Intelligence

URRA Art Residency
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