Yvonne Volkart talked about “Art and Science as Transmaking of Things“ at Emergency and Power. International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts. Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, 26.-28.10.2022.

How do the arts collaborate with science, how do they use data, technology, and scientific methods to bear witness to destruction and create a new sensitivity towards our fellow beings? This question was the point of departure for the SNSF-research project Ecodata–Ecomedia–Ecoaesthetics. The Role and Significance of New Media, Technologies and Technoscientific Methods in the Arts for the Perception and Awareness of the Ecological. It led, to a certain degree, to the ongoing SNSF-research project Plants_Intelligence. Learning like a Plant. Although both projects are very different – one dealing with a 10’000 years old damaged forest – the other with plants’ ways of leading a life – the modes of doing artistic research by translating “subjects ” under observation into affective beings – are comparable. Taking these research projects as point of departure, this talk unpacks the questions, technologies, and methods of artists collaborating with trees and forest scientists, as well as with lupines, breeders, and indigenous farmers. Following them, we travel across Northern and Southern Switzerland, Argentina, and Colombia’s Andean-Amazon region.

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